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The Yamaha FAZER R helicopter can fly for 90 minutes with full load of 40kg. Aersea is using these unmanned helicopter to provide extensive services to power grid companies and agricultural sector. Crop dusting and inspection are two of our main fields.

Our services include:

Buildings, thermography, and infrastructure inspections is one of AERSEA`s core business segments. Annually we perform about 50.000 square m BYA in whole of Norway.

For the last four years we have been working with Statsbygg on roof, fasade, and thermography at all major buildings and facilities. Our portfolio consists of The Norwegian Opera house, all government facilities, Police Academy, Norwegian Bank, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and more.

Inspections and thermography using drones has been proven to save costs and give excellent data quality as a result.

From Statsbygg:

“Inspection with drones means that Statsbygg saves at least NOK 10 million annually. In the last year, this type of inspection under the auspices of Statsbygg has increased sharply.”

Detects errors with thermal imaging.

“Drones are not only used for routine operational tasks but have also proven useful for several other specific tasks.”

“- Among other things, they are used for project planning, surveying of property and assistance in large-scale exercises with emergency services.”

“Many of the buildings have also been examined with a thermal camera. In this way, faults have been found in solar cell systems and leaks in the insulation in several places. Fixing the leaks has resulted in large energy gains. 3D models of the buildings have also been produced.”


Accurate data acquisition in forests can be time consuming, labor intensive, and costly. Hard to reach areas and lack of roads makes this task difficult. AERSEA is collecting data using industrial grade unmanned helicopters made by Yamaha Motor Japan. In this way we can gather valuable data from waste areas fast and safely, giving forest owners and stake holders a sustainable and easy way to high quality and accurate data. More efficient forestry management plans and the creation of forestry asset value as a result.

Counting trees, tree density, alignment, and trunk diameters, measuring the topography and creating terrain models, bringing tools to remote areas are all a part of what we do.


Smarter ways to sustainable agriculture is necessary to obtain a steady food supply.
Using technology, and by using drones, AERSEA provides unparalleled insights into crop health, giving
farmers precise information to make better decisions about nutrient application and disease management. Data driven decisions.

With accurate and timely information about the state of their crops, farmers can apply fertilizers and treatments precisely where needed, avoiding unnecessary resource wastage, and reducing environmental impact. This targeted approach to crop management enhances overall yields while minimizing costs.

AERSEA delivers survey grade high accuracy data and precise orthophotos, point clouds, terrain-, and 3D models.

Using high resolution cameras and a very precise LiDAR we can capture very precise data from the ground giving us a good basis for creating our datasets.

In close cooperation with The Norwegian Coastal Agency we measured and created very accurate high resolution point clouds and orthophotos of in total 63 wave breakers outside of Andøya and Lofoten during the summer months. See below example photo from Å, Moskenes kommune.

AERSEA is using industrial grade unmanned helicopters to perform power line inspections. This method has proven to be a safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly approach to inspect power lines. Our partner Yamaha Motor Japan has more than 30 years’ experience with more than 2 million flying hours to back up our statement.

Laser scanning to capture data and to get information about surrounding vegetation, thermal imaging to detect faulty components, and high-resolution camera to detect the state of the utility poles and its components, all this is possible with our method. We can remove the buildup of snow and ice during wintertime faster and safer using our unmanned helicopters.

Using high resolution and precisely georeferenced photos captured from our drones, or capturing high density LiDAR data, we deliver very accurate volume and mass (stockpile) calculations to all our clients giving them better data for better planning.

AERSEA can deliver cost efficient and fast underwater surveys and inspections using our industrial grade but lightweight inspection ROV.

Depths till 300m and with high quality imagery gives good value for money doing inspections on underwater cables and anchor mooring, ship hull anodes, control surfaces and more.

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